Technical Secretary and Call Center

Technical Secretary and Call Center

The technical secretary is in charge of the telephone service attending and assisting business customers or event guests to confirm attendances, report products, attend needs or update BBDD. In addition, they are prepared to make calls, trying to sell a product or service or conduct a survey, and receive them to respond to customer concerns, take orders and record claims.

To work in a technical secretariat we seek customer-oriented staff, interested in the profile of the same that has a special sensitivity towards the product or a professional career that may be related for the person to acquire experience in the sector. In this case most of the time they are people related to the event sector.

On the other hand, the Call Center specializes in establishing communications with customers, potential customers, suppliers, business partners or other groups.

Our professionals in Call Center are responsible for facilitating communication in the most optimal way possible, as they are trained to resolve matters on their own and refer the call to the person in charge in exceptional cases.

Best Way has a selected team perfectly qualified and ready to perform these tasks. These people have polite treatment, empathy, clarity in messages, quick answers, etc. Of course they have administrative knowledge, experience of public service, management of office package and languages if the position needs it.

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