AirportS Promoter

AirportS Promoter

The airport’s promoters work both in the Air and Earth area of the different terminals of the Airports throughout Spain. They are hired by different brands and stores to energize their commercial offer and redirect the flow of passengers that travel through the terminals day and night.

All of them have the necessary approval to work at the Airport:we process their passes/cards and carry out special training (AVSEC) to work in the different airports.

Within Duty Free stores, one of its main functions is to sell the different products to the passenger, but they also take care of inventory of resources for action and motivate the sales of the rest of the team.

The promoters of Best Way Airport have a great commercial vocation: they are good communicators, they have empathy with potential customers, they are able to persuade to sell the product.

It is essential that the airport promoters are formed in the specific product they are going to promote. It is the customer who takes care of it and we supervise that it acquires the knowledge offered. We also complement this training with sales techniques that contribute to better results by the parts of the promoters.

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