Street Marketing Promoter

Street Marketing Promoter

The commercial action carried out at street level is carried out by street marketing promoters.

Street marketing actions or campaigns are performed in places that allow us to be in direct contact with the public. In this type of actions the promoter is the one who performs the customer’s acquisition, sticking to the target set for an optimization of the campaign. Once the profile of the person you are interested in has been captured, the promoters offer flyers with discounts, promotions or simply information.

In order to carry out these actions, The promoters of Street Marketing must have a number of essential qualities that perfectly characterize our team: correct image, capacity for persuasion, knowing the product well, optimism, proactivity, clarity and precision when communicating.

The objectives pursued by a Street Marketing promoter are to inform and guide customers about the characteristics and benefits of the product or service being promoted. In case of serving people who are already consumers of the product or service, the promoter must strengthen the customer’s confidence in the brand.

In addition, these Street Marketing promoters manage to increase the number of sales by capturing the attention of customers in a short period of time, briefly offering the most attractive features of the product or service (they should be aware that 20 seconds are the most decisive).

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