Receptionists and Secretaries

Receptionists and Secretaries

The receptionist is a professional who is primarily responsible for serving the users/clients of a building in a particular area called reception. In this reference area, the receptionist provides information, assists the switchboard, attends the courier and welcomes all personnel outside the company/building.

It is also responsible for booking appointments, lounges, flights, etc. and in the event that this is handled by a secretary, contact them to be up to date. You must also confirm the time and date of the meeting.

Best Way receptionists have to always have a good image, communication skills, good willingness to help in whatever is needed. In addition, receptionists should greet people and attend all incoming calls and provide solutions to problems that may arise.

Secretaries take greater responsibility than receptionists. She’s basically an official representative of your boss. In small businesses, secretaries can do both secretarial and receptionist. However, in large companies they take care of all the organizational management of their boss. Secretaries are people responsible for arranging schedules, receiving and responding to all incoming emails, scheduling all appointments and meetings, preparing presentations, and many more. They keep the agenda of the direct boss assigned to them.

Best Way secretaries have to take care of all their boss’s own organizational arrangements. Secretaries are people responsible for organizing schedules and planning the bosses’ agenda.

Both profiles require administrative knowledge, customer service experience, office package management, and languages if the position needs it.

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