Point-of-Sale Promoters

Point-of-Sale Promoters

The promoters at the point of sale are responsible for promoting and even tasting a specific product at the point of sale (most often in large areas or shopping centers). Depending on which product it  is, they can test the operation of the product in front of customers by performing a demo.

The promoters at Point of Sale must be very active people with great communication skills. They  must know how to target the target to which that product is aimed and know the main characteristics of the product in order to show them to consumers. These promoters should receive specific training about the product they are promoting. To do this, it is essential that they have specific knowledge about the product to be promoted or in many cases about the sector to which that product belongs.

In many cases, the promoters in point of sale are in charge of the activation of a new product at the point of sale (usually they are in most cases in hypermarkets or department stores), that is, the launch of this. To do this, they must be well trained in terms of the new product to be able to answer to customers about any doubts that arise about it.

Best Way’s point-of-sale promoters are hostesses with good communicative skills, very active and great business skills, which together with the specific training provided by the agency, do an exceptional recruitment work. They also know how to identify the target audience interested in the product and capture it thanks to its commercial skills. They should always be people who are in a certain way rooted or know the sector to which the product belongs in promotion or in launch. It is very important that in addition to being trained on the product they know very well the main characteristics of the products of the competition. They are promoters with accreditation of food handlers.

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