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Fair and Congress Hostess

To address the invited public, attend to the speakers who will speak and solve any incident that may happen within the room. Microphone pass, gift delivery, accreditation and guest registration, receiver delivery, etc. They hold conferences, presentations, road show, fairs, meetings, etc.

Image and Protocol Stewardess

Reception and guidance of guests of honor, accompaniment to the hosts of the event, inform the attendees about aspects of the event, taking care of the image of the brand to which it represents exercising, if necessary, support functions in the organization of the event and Protocol. They make product launches, openings, sporting events, guest reception, etc.

Flight Attendant Model

Expand visual impact and increase sales opportunities by attracting consumers' attention. Very present at trade fairs, where very spectacular products, awards shows, fitting, product presentation, galas, parties, etc. are promoted.


Coordinate and support the staff in their charge, Enforce the working day, schedules and responsibilities assigned to each worker. Promote improvement processes, propose solutions to the needs of the organization.


Point-of-Sale Promoters

Promote a product by testing its operation before visitors. Quickly represent the benefits of the product and clear up the doubts that the consumer harbors regarding its operation. It is imperative that you have specific knowledge about the object/product to be promoted. Requires product-specific training.

Airport And ECI Promoter

Best Way is an official supplier of ECI with geographical capacity nationally so it can implement promoters that sell the different products of the brand. Staff with large commercial skills that helps them persuade the customer to finish the sale. Requires product-specific training.

Airport Promoter

It has the necessary approval to work in these centers. Sell the different products of the customer. Inventory resources for the action. Commercial vocation that is a good communicator and capable of empathizing. Ability to persuade customers to sell the product. Requires product-specific training.

Street Marketing Promoter

Commercial vocation, good communicator and with the capacity to empathise. Ability to persuade customers to achieve goal, whether collecting records, selling product, joining a club, participating in an activity, etc. Guiding and informing customers about the benefits and characteristics of the product, needs prior product/company training.


Receptionists and Secretaries

Attend and inform customers or users of a building in a certain area for this purpose. Its function is to provide all kinds of information and assistance. Administrative or secretarial knowledge.

Technical Secretary and Call Center

Telephone treatment attending and assisting business customers or event guests to confirm attendances, report products, attend needs or update BBDD. Administrative and office knowledge.


Transmit the message of the original discourse, taking into account various aspects, such as the record used, the information implicit in that message and the emotions. Specialists English-Spanish, Chinese-Spanish and Chinese-English. Any linguistic combination will be addressed


Drivers, babysitters, cocktail makers, assemblers, guides, catering, actors, dancers, etc.

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