Other Services

Other Services

We have drivers for different events where it is required to move guests from one place to another with special vehicles for the event. These drivers are exclusive to the services and are previously indicated the location of the place to perform a good service.

Another of our services is babysitters. These are specialized staff for the care of the little ones. At Best Way we offer the exclusive babysitter service for any type of event. We also offer this service with staff with different languages to be able to cover a larger market.

At Best Way we have cocktailstaff. These tend bar are specialized in the preparation of cocktails or any type of combination for the different events in which this type of need may arise.

The assembly assistant staff is essential for any event and at Best Way we have this profile. These staff assist in assembly and disassembly tasks for different events and with their own vehicle to achieve excellent service.

Another of our services are the guides. This staff is specific depending on the type of event and depending on the function to be performed. These are people trained to make different tours and be able to inform customers of the visit. Language staff are available for this type of service.

Best Way provides waiter service for any event where they are needed.

We have actors for the realization of jobs such as television ads or for jobs where a profile of worker more extroverted is required or that needs to interact with the audience type professional animation, speaker, staff disguised, etc.

We also have makeup artists and hairdressers for preparing staff at image events.

Finally, we have dancers for specific actions like flashmob or any other action to be performed.

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