Interpreters convey the message of the original discourse, taking into account various aspects, such as the record used, the information implicit in that message, and emotions.

Our interpreters are in high demand, as they are needed on a number of occasions such as conferences, meetings, over the phone, and can do their work simultaneously (the interpreter speaks at almost the same time as the speaker) or consecutive (the interpreter listens to part of a speech, and interprets this part while the speaker waits.)

To carry out this work Best Way interpreters are very well qualified, they have a wide range of knowledge and vocabulary in different languages that allows to quickly translate into another language, and losing as little as possible the wealth of the discourse, both what you are listening to, and what you have just heard.

The interpreter has to be permanently in contact with other people and interact with them, at this point our staff does not have any kind of problem, as he is used to always working in front of the public. The performers we have are extroverted people, they have excellent social skills and the ability developed to speak in public with unwrapping and with a correct projection of the voice.

We are English-Spanish specialists, and any other linguistic combinations up Chinese-Spanish and Chinese-English.

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