Image and Protocol Stewardess

Image and Protocol Stewardess

The essential function of Image Hostesses is to transmit a customer’s brand image during their event. It is also contracted as a promotional tool but always taking care of the image of the brand it represents.

Image hostesses are chosen mainly based on the good image they want to give the customer, customers are usually demanding in this regard. But not only the image is paramount, but they are efficient, proactive, resolute people and with a great capacity to adapt to the unforeseen events that may arise during the event or promotion.

Best Way Image hostesses support fashion shows, spirit drinks promotions, fashion product launches, showrooms, cosmetics testing, sporting events, openings, etc. We take care of their uniformity to highlight at all times the image that the client seeks of them and make that the attendees of the event are able to recognize the brand of our client by just seeing them and highlighting above everything else.

Protocol hostesses have very representative functions: reception and guidance of guests of honor, accompaniment to the hosts of the event, informing attendees about aspects of the event. They usually make the link between authorities and the media, heads of protocol, etc.

Bes Way Protocol hostesses have a priority on discretion, language knowledge, a very good image and a high cultural level are of the essential conditions. They have knowledge of protocol rules and are very careful in observing the details. They have experience, professionalism and carry out the treatment and reception to authorities, official acts of the Royal Household and the Government of Spain as well as other acts with public figures.

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