Flight Attendant Model

Flight Attendant Model

Model hostesses are hired by our customers when they want to expand the visual impact and increase the sales possibilities by attracting the attention of the audience attending the event that has been organized.

Model hostesses have a higher rate than other regular staff as they are hostesses who perform Model jobs and sporadically collaborate with events and/or with specific fashion firms valuing their cache in a special way.

They are usually chosen before virtual or face-to-face casting and have to present a wide catalog of makeup and natural photos and sometimes video book.

Model hostesses are very present at trade fairs, where very spectacular products, awards shows, fitting, product presentation, galas, parties, sporting events of great worldwide impact Formula 1, etc. are promoted.

The Model hostesses at Best Way take great care of their image and try to have availability for all the events that are emerging, especially if they have lent their particular image to a client.

In the events in which the Model hostesses work, we must pay special attention to the place where they are located, explain the work they are going to do and the design of the uniformity that will be put to get the most out of their image.

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