Fair and Congress Hostess

Fair and Congress Hostess

Fair hostesses aim to inform and give brand image of the client within a Fair. Fair hostesses attract the target audience of the fair to the stand by offering information about the product/service of the customer. They have a commercial and extroverted profile in order to capture the attention of visitors to the Fair.

Best Way Fair Stewardesses have a medium height and size, always ensuring a good image and a correct and outgoing attitude. Sometimes they request a superior image or animation profile that contributes to the success of the fair and in shorts to the resources available from the stand. They are usually uniformed with corporate colors and/ or in an eye-catching way that captures the initial visual attention.

The hostesses of congresses carry out auxiliary work in the organization of the congress. Among its many functions are: to address the invited public, to attend the speakers who will intervene, to indicate rooms / bathrooms, and to solve any incident that may happen within the congress. At the entrance they are responsible for the accreditation and registration of guests according to the established protocol rules, delivery of receivers, delivery of gifts, etc. Inside the room where the event takes place the sitting of the attendees according to the customer’s criteria, microphone pass, award delivery, water changes, etc. In general, conference hostesses ensure the proper functioning of the event whether it is congress, meeting, conference, presentation, award ceremony, etc.

Best Way’s conference hostesses have a medium height and size, always ensuring a good image and a correct and discreet attitude. Best Way takes great care of the image of the hostesses so that a global homogeneity is seen with its own uniformity and well maintained according to the corporate culture of the client.

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