The coordinators are in charge of interpreting the needs of the client and being able to make them possible by guaranteeing the perfect realization of different events such as: meetings, conferences, conventions, awards shows, congresses, etc. Any type of event must be executed in the most efficient way.

The work of the coordinators are: to coordinate and support the staff in their care, to enforce the working day, to have the hours and rest shifts respected, to check that all the employees in their care are well uniformed and performing the assigned tasks. They should also promote improvement processes and propose solutions to problems that may arise during the event. Coordinators are in most events the intermediate point between the client and the hostesses or promoters.

Best Way coordinators are people with great organizational skills, because before the event is held it must have everything perfectly planned knowing the needs of the client and thus be able to meet them. Such needs must be met by the staff in charge of the coordinator. Therefore they must be in constant contact with the client and the staff in charge so that all doubts that may arise before the event can be resolved before this.

The coordinators of Best Way is specific staff for the coordination of different events and which must know how to deal with the hostesses and promoters so that all doubts are communicated to this so that they can find a solution. They have a lot of experience in different events and are very resolute people, with great responsiveness and accustomed to working in stressful situations.

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